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Hotel scent machine which brand is good price is how much
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Hotel scent machine which brand is good price is how much

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Hotel expansion incense machine is sweet atmosphere system, mainly used for interior space add incense machine, this machine is suitable for hotel, club, gym, shopping malls, beauty salon, or household environment for various needs such as flavoring, expansion of sweet sweet atmosphere system is widely used in hotel, usually spiced area have a hotel lobby, toilet, elevator, corridor and other public areas, Usually a large hotel will be installed in the central space system of the fresh air system out of the air, but if the hotel installed too much fragrance equipment will need special hands to do maintenance, such as regular replacement of fragrance, adjust the fragrance concentration, irregular setting of the need to add fragrance time, etc. Hotel incense machine which brand is good price is how much, there are many different names for the incense machine fragrance system, commonly used are: incense machine, incense machine, fragrance machine, fragrance machine, hotel incense machine, hotel fragrance equipment, fragrance machine, fragrance system, hotel essential oil machine, scent machine, etc.,

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. for the domestic space fragrance machine fragrance environment manufacturer. Guangzhou Aroma has a professional incense machine production line and essential oil fragrance production line. It is one of the top ten domestic incense machine brands and manufacturers, ten years of focus on the custom manufacturers of incense machine. Hotel incense machine which brand good price is how much, professional fragrance machine - aroma machine - fragrance equipment - fragrance system - fragrance essential oil - space fragrance; Company in the hotel incense, KTV incense, office incense, sales department incense and other application places have many cases, deeply loved by domestic and foreign markets, for our customers to provide fragrance system, incense machine and high quality incense essential oil!

How to add essential oil? 1. Open the door with the key; 2. Remove the fog head from the top of the machine; 3. Open the atomizing head buckle; 4. Remove the atomizing head and bottle; 5. Note: The plug type incense expander only needs to pull out the bottle to add essential oil.