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Hotel perfumer essential oil manufacturer hotel lobby conference room fragrance system space fragrance
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Hotel perfumer essential oil manufacturer hotel lobby conference room fragrance system space fragrance

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Aroma fragrance atmosphere expansion system can provide a variety of expansion of incense equipment, different flavor types of aromatic essential oil, central air conditioning system or fresh air system for hotels a sustained, stable and uniform of sweet atmosphere, create a fresh, comfortable and soft, healthy, charming beautiful sweet atmosphere space, to make the guest to produce a olfactory memory, the hotel brand into the guest's way of life, Promote the smell of the hotel marketing, a better interpretation of the hotel itself brand.

France has always been a symbol of taste, fragrance can enhance the luxury feeling of the hotel brand, enhance the cognitive experience of the brand, the establishment of the hotel brand not only from the visual and auditory aspects to build, the details should also pursue excellence, from the appearance to the heart, from the visual to the emotional. And to a certain extent with the hotel in response to fragrance marketing.

Fragrance marketing is a systematic project. Including the design of fragrance, fragrance interpretation, fragrance publicity, fragrance design, fragrance transmission, a full set of fragrance system. As far as the whole market is concerned, the marketing of fragrance is still at the initial stage, and most of what people do is just on the surface. Of course, the cost is the main reason.

Guangzhou Aroma Hotel scent machine equipment manufacturer, in large and small in more than a hundred incense machine equipment manufacturers, the market competition is fierce, mixed, Arnoma ten years always adhere to quality based on the market, the company has a rich experience of technical personnel, a number of automated production lines can be daily production of tens of thousands, Can also provide customers both at home and abroad with a lot of hotel expansion machine equipment OEM/ODM services, the company always adhere to the science and technology to drive capacity, take the technology as the core, and the multinational oil companies strategic technology alliance, the company has a skilled r&d team, product updates constantly meet the market demand, brand core competitiveness is Arnold in the experience of quality in the industry.