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Fragrance Oil Collection



Floral essential oil classification:
◆ Common florals (fresh flowers)
◆ Light and soft (aldehyde, powder)


Each fragrance is ever-changing, but there is always a floral fragrance. When the floral fragrance is its main character, it can follow the true flavor of natural floral fragrance, just like a woman's beauty, but more commonly, it is more like to add it to herself. Other colors, or fresh, or romantic temptation, or sweet warmth... Floral scent is fascinating, it is fragrant and feminine, can be provocative, can be tempted.





Fruity essential oil classification:
◆ Citrus notes: bergamot, citrus essential oil
◆ Berries, other fruits


Sweet and tempting. The fruit is full of fruit, and the fruity fragrance exudes a mouth-watering and juicy taste that is popular with the public. Citrus fruity, gently sprinkle, wake up your sleepy body, illuminate the melancholy mood; berry fruity, slightly sour and juicy, juicy and breathful; tropical fruit mango, pineapple, bring The summer is full of energy and enthusiasm.... The full fruit of the juice is like dancing on the tip of the tongue, bringing bright vitality.




Fragrance type oil classification:
◆ Aquatic tone: marine and water-conditioning
◆ Aromatic notes: lavender, aromatic plants
◆ Green tone: white rosin, green tone


Light and transparent, elegant, fresh and ethereal. Crisp green leaves, lush plants, sweet water, comfortable breeze...It’s like entering the space of nature, feeling every tiny life beat, every call and one suck is the original wildness, can’t catch I can't touch it, but the coolness of the water, the vastness of the sea, and the energy of the plants are all around your nose.


leather incense


Oriental fragrant essential oil classification:
◆ Oriental Tune: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Peruvian Balm
◆ Oriental floral notes: orange blossom, sweet spice
◆ Soft Oriental Tune: Incense, Amber
◆ Wooden oriental tone: sandalwood, patchouli, etc.


Luxurious, sensual and long, the oriental fragrance can evoke Westerners' illusions about the mysterious exotic East. You can be melancholy and arrogant, and you can feel passionately! Although the wooden oriental tone is not so bright as the other, but the deep and temptation is the ultimate temptation, the boundary between luxury and extravagance is even more desirable to explore the dangerous edge.



Thematic oil classification:
◆ Coffee type: fragrant, rich, etc.


Fragrant, rich, returning to nature, rich, classic and elegant.
The moist woody notes give the feeling of entering a coffee garden. It may be filled with mud, fresh vegetation and leaves, and it may give you a vibrant forest.