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Wenxiang Hotel - Create a special "exclusive aroma card" for the hotel, so that every guest can not forget the hotel they have stayed at. According to the brand and uniqueness of the hotel, the hotel can design the scent label that matches it, and introduce the brand into the exclusive fragrance of the hotel, so that the customer can smell it.



Aroma marketing is to use the potential impact of fragrance on human emotions, memory and even behavior. A series of stimulating consumers' desire to purchase shows that consumers are more willing to buy and are willing to spend more in a scented environment. The specific performance is to use specific scent to attract customers' attention and memory, which is an innovation of traditional marketing mode.



In addition to the hygienic odor, the bathroom also breeds mold and produces a musty smell due to moisture. In addition, some toilets may also have a smell of smoke. For these most common toilet odor puzzles, we have selected 4 fragrances to meet the different needs of your bathroom, to remove odors and create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.


Brand chain


Today, people are paying more and more attention to the personality of the brand. Because more and more companies and products compete, they all want to get the attention of customers through various channels. Our feelings play an important and complex role in the formation of our thoughts, impressions, and behaviors. By positioning the feelings, brands can build stronger and more lasting emotional connections with their customers.

Odor is the most effective way to connect with customers on the emotional and memory levels.