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Fragrance oil customization


Signature Scents

We create signature scents that connect brands with customers, in much more memorable ways.


Custom scents for brands

When Amos Aroma create a signature scent. We do discuss with our clients deeply so that together we create unforgettable scents that tell a story and form part of a brands personality.

Each Amos Aroma signature scent is a exclusive creation, composed of the finest raw materials, natural essential oils and exquisite aromas. With Amos Aroma’s unique creative team and professionals, we imagine, design, and fashion iconic scents that connect brands with customers on an emotional level.

Once incorporated, the signature scent becomes a recognizable and memorable piece of a brand’s identity. The signature scent may be experienced in various forms, from a scented environment using Amos Aroma ambient diffusion technology or through a variety of scented products.



Once the bespoke fragrance has been selected you will be provided with a certificate of exclusivity from Amos Aroma.


Develop a custom scent

If you’re looking for a custom scent for your hotel, airline, retail store, automotive brand, event or high-end property, Amos Aroma offers a perfect experience from creation of the fragrance to the advanced scent delivery technologies.