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APP download address


Smart cloud fragrance machine


(App store)

Through the "app store" of the IOS system (IOS 8.0 or higher) and the "Huawei Mall" of the Android system,“VIVO Mall”, “OPPO Mall”, “Anzhi Mall” search “Smart Scent Machine” to download APP, remotely control the fragrance equipment in any scene anytime, anywhere. Or authorize others, many people manage together, make full use of the fragrance, convenient and efficient and save resources.

No distance limit

Environmental concentration control

Intelligent timing setting

Liquid level detection reminder

Scan code quick search

Convenient and multi-person sharing

One-button grouping

APP remote control


● Distribution network function
Click the distribution button to perform the network distribution operation of the device and increase the function of the distribution progress bar.


● Remote control
Click on the paired device on the homepage to perform operations such as device time switch and fragrance concentration adjustment.


● Grouping function

Batch control device switch switching; batch timing; batch authorization and batch setting of essential oil names. Solve unnecessary single and cumbersome operations, and make it easier to use.


● Authorization management (employee account)The paired device can be authorized to be managed by a third party, but the third-party account cannot manage the control device before it becomes the employee account of the primary account.


● Update prompt function

A new version of the APP will prompt for an update.

(Employee Account


  • Traditional Bluetooth wireless connection


    Difficult to pair, difficult to search, unstable, close

New WiFi wireless connection


Easy to search, fast, and always monitored

Bind the device after connecting to the same WIFI, you can authorize

sharing and convenient operation.

Cloud interconnect


● Intelligent cloud fragrance system, mobile phone WIFI remote control, control the fragrance environment of the business place anytime and anywhere;

● Intelligent timing and convenient control of the switch duration of the device, saving worry, saving labor and saving money;

● Control the fragrance concentration of the business premises and enjoy a different fragrance experience;

● Remote liquid level detection system to master the use of fragrance oils in real time;

● One-click authorization for multiple people to share, convenient management, to ensure that the use of worry-free;

● QR code recognition function to quickly find the required equipment and solve the troubles;

● Multiple devices are grouped by one button, eliminating the need for cumbersome single operations.